Slowakei (Vineyard Amberg)

Mission Outreach Slowakei
The ministry to the poor and the weak has for many years been a part of our community. As a church of Christ we take our mission seriously to alleviate the suffering in this world. We do this by providing humanitarian assistance as well as through the preaching of the good news.
In 2003, we received a call to help the Roma in the Slovak village of Vtackovce. Poverty, unemployment and despair characterise the lives of these people. Even in the cold autumn you can see children running around barefoot. Since the beginning of our ministry, we were able to alleviate the plight locally by various humanitarian supplies. We rely again and again on support.

Contact:Vineyard Amberg

Weinberg Gemeinde
Konrad Oberle
Rosenthalstr. 6
92224 Amberg

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