Serbien (Vineyard Staufen)

In 1999, Mirko and Stana returned to Leskovac after their time as refugees in Switzerland to start church planting. The doors opened in the Roma villages around Leskovac. A partner from Vineyard Staufen was quickly found who supported the work in Serbia in many ways. New leadership grew from among the Roma and today Igor and Jasmina lead a small, but ever-growing community in 5 different towns around Leskovac. The Vineyard Staufen is still in partnership with the Vineyard Mirosevce, Serbia and supports community work through visits, covers the cost for travel expenses for carrying out the mission work in Mirosevce in Brestovac, Bojnik, Meda and Slatina .

Cordial invitation from the Vineyard Staufen to support this partnership.

ATTENTION! Also in 2014 we planned a visit to Serbia.



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