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Reinhold W.G. Harms

CCC:  Cross­Culture­Communicatoramong other activities, I especially see my role within the Vineyard and beyond as offering or encouraging ways of communication between Romaand Gadsche (those that do not belong to the minority group of Sinti and Roma). Naturally, this is limited to my personal and world experiences and an effort to balance this with findings of others.


The call to ministry among the Roma and Sinti, a people group that often see themselves, and are also seen by others, as in the margins of society a love for these people and for this nation overtook me in 1994. Specifically, the ministry began among the Roma in 1999. It created numerous contacts with Roma and also those who shared the same heart.


We want to…

  • have a point of contact for people with questions related to Roma
  • support for ministers among Roma
  • support for ministers and Roma leaders to connect