to Focus Roma

Roma (romanes: Rom, “Man”, “Mensch”) image (1)is the name for a group of people with the same ethnic background who are related to each other, who came originally from India. They moved in the 14th century, through different waves to Europe and nowadays they build ethnic minority groups in a lot of countries.

We would like to contribute to a better understanding and communication with the Sinti and Roma people. Of course this comes from my personal worldview and experiences. We won’t claim that this is complete, or better than others, but still our intention is for a better future, to learn from the past, and share the resources we have.  We would like to help those who are starting to relate to the Roma, not just only giving help but also from a christian value based foundation. We would like to support those whose desire is  to be better informed for the benefit of this people group. Sometimes the questions asked are simple.

We also would like to give the Sinti and Roma a voice and to build awareness of the situations they still face today in so many countries. An important theme in the Vineyard movement is righteousness and therefore it is obvious that we are concerned about the Sinti and Roma.

Of course you might ask questions, and we will try to answer or forward those questions to people who have answers. 

Unfortunatley we have to confess that the communications between Roma and Non-Roma is still at a low level. Quite often it remains that we just share our prejudices and stereotypical responses. I found it helpful to communicate empathically on both sides before we give answers or say something. Maybe that could promote better partnership. We like to have an equal partnership with the Roma and not take on an extreme position.

Our motto is: Learn from the past, live in the now and shape the future in partnership.